Television A positive or negatative impact on children

Television: A posotive or negative impact on childrenTelevision: A positive or negative impact on children Introduction Do children learn from television? Are some children more drawn to television than others? Do infants and toddlers pay attention to and understand television? Which type of television programming are most effective with children? Do the behavior in television shows provide a model for the behavior of a child? Does advertising on television affect children? Do children obtain a “release or “purging” of their emotions from their vicarious involvement in television shows? Does the content of television entertainment affect a child’s conception of his or her own sex roles and his or her feelings toward his or her ethnicity? Does it affect his or her conception of opposite sex roles? Which activities in a child’s life are replaced by television viewing? Does watching a lot of television affect a child’s ability to read? Does it affect his or her preference for reading? Does it affect the amount of time he or she usually spends with books? How does television viewing fit into family life? Within the family, who chooses the programs to be watched? Do children accept the racial stereotypes they see on television? Do they accept the national and religious stereotypes? Do children in different socioeconomic statuses typically have different habits of watching television? Do intelligent children differ from not so bright children in their use of television? Which techniques of television production increase children’s interest and attentiveness? Can young children watch television while simultaneously engaging in activities not related to television? Do children accept the stereotypes of occupations presented on television? (Murray 1) These are just some of the questions that researchers have tried to answer over the years pertaining to children and television. In today’s …

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