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Tag Description Arguments for Tag Notes a anchor (hypertext link) named anchor (bookmark) address address char style Word Pro treats this as a “character style” rather than a “paragraph style”, as NetScape does. b bold base specifies base URL for external references NOTE: All partial URLs in document will use the URL specified in the base tag to form a full URL. blockquote quote char style body body / document preferences NetScape Extensions: bgcolor,background,text,link,vlink Uses page layout watermark as HTML wallpaper. Use the BODY directive to assign a filename for an embedded watermark graphic. The BODY directive should be in the document header. br line break cite citations char style code code (monospace font) char style dfn definition char style dir (same as “ul”) dl, dt, dd DL = starts/ends a definition list DT = definition term DD = definition description em emphasis char style h1 headings Extensions: align={left, center, right} h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 head document header hr horizontal rule Standard: no arguments Netscape Extensions: size, width, align, noshade exts not supported html document markup i italic img inline image Standard: align, src, alt, ismap Netscape Extensions: border, height, width, left, right, (left, right = “in-text-vertical” type); width=x% also supported on import only Note about “ismap” attribute: The editor must apply the “HTML_IsMap” frame style for any graphic which the editor wants the “ismap” attribute. Use the IMG directive to assign filenames for embedded graphics. The IMG directive is also used for the SRC attribute if you save to the Internet with the “Save HTML Graphics” option turned off. kbd keyboard input char style li list item (enclosed within UL or OL) Standard: no arguments Netscape Extensions: type={A, a, I, i, 1} value={new count} (for *OL* only) exts not supported bulleted paragraph (not enclosed in *ul*) …

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