Tha Block is Hot

Straight off tha block hoe Vest in my hand trusting no man Got my glock cocked Running in sand you understaand It be steaming blazing i swear boy its crazy hollygrove 17 tha hood where i was raised in dey be bustin heads hoe runnin duckin feds hoe rocks under they tongues hoe ki’s under dey beds hoe good for tha real soldiers 24-7 hustlers (ehh) untill we shove a barrel down yo pipe sucker ain’t no love for no buster no fear for no coward no respect for no slut aint no money without power we deep and make it hotter (bluuh) dats sick and sour pile up in the eddie bauer and (plucuh) every hour some of em like that powder pile it up on trains?, dey drain some like that trees or that D and some toot it up it up in dey veins i’m from tha army that came jackin and crackin brains broadcastin live from tha block it’s lil wayne Chorus *Juvenile* Wody u got that yayo *B.G.* then cook sumthin for nigga *Juvenile* Wody u let them k’s go *B.G.* Then bust sumthin nigga *juvenile* Oh u duckin tha law *B.G.* U betta run from em nigga *Juvenile* Oh u playin with that raw *B.G.* Then won’t you front sumthin nigga? *Lil Wayne* Tha block is hot tha block is hot, hot , hot (repeat 3x) *Lil Wayne* See where i’m from my dogs be buzzed out dodging cops and burning blocks and we be thugged out it’s time to shine ooh this block is on dubs out and they got quarters halfs and birds and runnin out (i got it) its all good in tha hood posin like I live, soon as you get it hot (sceer) there go dem people break up tha block and hit the cut by tha corner store end up in Ms. Taylor back yard (Be Quiet on the porch) Shhh it’s tha spot where soldiers murder off top boy it’s tha spot where they ain’t got nuthin but some hot boys we dont know what be goin on we so blunted from trees we gon be round here all day cause we 400 degreez usually when it get dark nobody be on tha porch but little wody with th…

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