The Battle of Passchendaele

WW1 – The Battle of Passchendaele: ISU Some politicians, soldiers, and military historians say that the battle of Passchendaele was “the most futile of battles and the most horrendous of slaughters” (Dancocks Inside Front Cover). Others, such as Norm Christie remark that “Passchendaele was a huge achievement” (Back Cover). The battle of Passchendaele lasted a grueling four months in the year of 1917. Two-hundred-fifty-thousand soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing; Sixteen-thousand of which were Canadians. Canada contributed a great deal to this battle including: wepons and machinery which assisted the troops in fighting; the Canadian Corps who are the soldiers, engineers, ect.; and major players who stand out by doing something extraordinary. What Canada contributed not only made the war a success but proved our loyalty to Britain. The weapons and machinery that Canada contributed included guns, artillery, and tanks. Under normal circumstances, 320 guns would be available. These were not normal circumstances, the conditions in Passchendaele called for more firearms. In this case 587 guns were deployed. Canada contributed more guns then they usually would, therefore giving a great deal of help to our allies in achieving victory at Passchendaele. Artillery was the most used and most effective of weapons in world war 1. Holman says that the artillery was used to “defend against attack, bombard enemy trenches from fixed positions, and protect soldiers as they advanced toward enemy trenches” (Article 4). Canada did not develop the weapons, but their understanding of how to use the weapons was key. “Through fabrication, development, and use at the front, the Canadian artillery played a vital role in the outcome of the first world war” (Holman Article 4). Canadas contribution, in this case, was the expertise on how to use the artillery. One-hundred-seventeen tanks were donated by Canada. The “male” tank w…

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