THe Boulevard Montmartre at Night

THe Boulevard Montmartre at NightResearch Paper, OtherProject description EARLY MODERN MODULE Title: The Boulevard Montmartre at Night Artist: Camille Pissarro Date: 1898 ImpressionismResearch AssignmentInformation that should be gathered for the Research assignmentThe title of the work ____________________________________________The name of the artist (if known) ____________________________________________The date that it was created ____________________________________________The location of its creation ____________________________________________The style or time period that it is associated with ______________________________________The material that it is made of ____________________________________________What is the subject matter? (what is the story being told or referred to?)____________________________________________________________________________Describe any objects or scenery that relate to the story____________________________________________________________________________Identify any gods or goddesses____________________________________________________________________________________________ Identify each of the people ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Describe what the characters are doing and how they are dressed _____________________________________________________________________________________________After gathering this information, put it into an essay form with complete sentences. Use proper forms of grammar and sentence structure. Your essayshould be at least one page long.:

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