The Brain is Wider Than the Sky Essay Help

Human?s brain is considered as the most complex tissue among all creatures. Emily Dickinson successfully compared the brain?s ability to interpret absorb and look into and generalize to the ability of ocean the sky and God. The imagination in the brains is wider than the sky. The sky is the atmosphere people see from the earth. So even though the sky looks wide it has a limit. However there is no limitation of the imaginations in the brain. The sky cannot restrict people?s mind being curious about the outer space. People tell stories about aliens and theThe Brain is Wider Than the Sky world out of the earth imagining the lives of creatures living in other planets and the further wars between human being and aliens. Even though the technology has not been so advanced yet human?s envision will probably lead to the success like Around world in 8o days something coming from science fiction becomes the truth. People even expand their horizons to deep space. Vulcan Nibiru and Trills are all names of plants from other galaxies in the Star Trek. People interpret and create stories about the stories of the unknown. The thoughts are deeper than the sea. The sea is so deep that no one surly know where is the deepest point under the sea. Just like the sea could accept millions of creatures living there the brain can absorb all beauties in the world. Human minds receive thousands pieces of information everyday accepting knowledge and ideas. Sometimes the information could be controversy like pollution to the sea but the mind absorbs it anyway and corrects it. Meanwhile when people read allegories people look into the stories about animals. Like the depth of the sea human?s mind provides people the ability to think deeper about everything. They reach conclusions from those. The brain?s capabilities are the same as the weight of God?. God know everything the past and the future. Almost all people in the world have a omniscience in their mind like God. People hope they can be as erudite as they are but always find their inability. However as a Transcendentalist? Emily Dickinson dares to compare human minds to God. God probably comes from people?s mind so his ability still has a limit because he is created by people. No matter how strong he is in the story he cannot act without people. Therefore even God as an Almighty still has limit the brain definitely has the same weight or even is heavier than God. The brain is wider than the sky in its limit. The brain is deeper than the sea in its absorbency and deep thinking. The brain has the same weight as God in its ability.”

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