The Brown Decision Jim Crow & Southern Identity by James C. CobbPaper instructions:Your task is to utilized a book called? The Brown Decision Jim Crow & Southern Identity by James C. CobbFind 10 great scholar quotes from this booked that implied or and or represent segregation in school?Your would used that book I said as well as a college academic research database.And look into to segregation in schools today how it correlates to past segregation.look into articles and news papers as well along with the book I told you.also pleased look at article and news paper as well. I believed article and news paper of most recent news and 5 years back can be retrieved from database.This is the break down:Quotes On Top w/ authorbriefly explain few sentence what that quote means and does it implied or represent segregation in school or segregation in general.Also pleased after each quotes respectively cite the author or if from book I mention. If a quote implied segregation respectively quote and put author name.Full details I will provide.You must have access to the book I told you specifically above as well as the academic research database in order to undertake this assignment.!

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