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Family is the basic unit of a society. Basic because from a family we learned the basic things that we can use as we go farther to our journey in life. We learned how to speak communicate do a simple task to a complex one how to deal with others how to value one?s being and appreciate things in life. In our family also we used to cry first expressed our sadness our ups and downs in life. Everything is started at home. It only implies the important role of family to make our dreams be possible.justify””>The success of a family is a snap shot success of our country. If all of the families within the country will be successful I believed that our country is the most progressive and respectable country in the world. A country that has nothing to worry about looking up by other countries for its family-oriented lifestyle that brought it to a pedestal of the most respectable nation. But what if a family has failed to do its role? I think everything must be in a rolling hills keep on cascading to down full moments striving for good hungry to a glimpse of victory in the horizon. In order for us not to be on the dark era? of society let?s begin to develop a family-oriented lifestyle in which its core values are God-centered love respect kindness humility and concern to others. In my opinion these values will lead us to success in life. And we know that the pursuit for happiness is not an easy task to accomplish. But it would be possible if we will try to live selflessly with accountability from one another. And it all begins in our family. As a famous line says A family that stay together lives forever? implies that a family must be holding on each other whatever trouble waits on them. Just keep on believing that you will not be left behind somebody is extending the hands to hold you while you are in the midst of troubles in order to surpass of whatever trials in life that you have-your family is the one who will be the one that will comfort and support you in the adverse of life.”

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