The conquest of ireland

THE CONQEST OF IRELAND: ENGLISH IMPERAIALISM UNDER HENRY II THE CONQEST OF IRELAND: ENGLISH IMPERAIALISM UNDER HENRY II In 1155 Pope Adrian IV issued a significant bull that changed the history of Ireland and England forever. The papal bull issued gave Henry II, King of England (1154-1189), the right to conquer Ireland . Ireland has gained and lost as a result of English rule. It was rewarded with a stronger Church and a more centralized government. It lost some of its cultural values and customs, as well as its own system government for example; its clan-based hierarchy was removed. Henry IIs control of Ireland was not solely based on the word of Adrian IV, there were a number of nobles who made it possible. One of the most important was Dermot MacMurrough, the king of Linster (an Irish city-state). Linster held in its bounds the main port city between Ireland and England. Being the King of Linster MacMurrough had control over trade and all other maritime activities of Ireland while he was king. Because of their close proximity, trade, and other maritime activity MacMurrough and Henry II developed a close relationship . Shortly after Adrian IV issued the bull, MacMurrough went to Henry II asking for help because he had been banished from Ireland his other Irish nobles. Henry II saw the weak Irish government and the internal quarrels that it created as an opportunity to act on the bull issued to him and agreed to help MacMurrough. Henry II wrote a letter to MacMurrough upon hearing his request for assistance; it is the best evidence of such sentiment. “Henry, king of England, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and count of Anjou, to all his liegemen, English, Normans, Welsh, and Scots, and to all other nations subject to his dominion, Sendeth, greeting, Whensoever these our letters shall come unto you, know ye that we have received Dermitius [Dermot], prince of Leinster, …

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