The Cuban Revolution

The Cuban Revolution Final Draft The Cuban Revolution was in various ways different from the American Revolution and in other ways similar to it at because it had the same purpose and it also succeeded. Therefore, it can be rightfully said that the Cuban Revolution is an example, among others, of revolutions following the steps and ways (set of guidelines) of the American Revolution, which led it to be a victorious one. It could also be said that this revolution also offered a number of contrasts to the American Revolution, thus making it clear that the American Revolution was a very unique and special kind of revolution that can never be exactly repeated by any other nation. One main similarity between the Cuban and the American Revolution is that they both held the same purpose, which was to overthrow the current abusive government and establish a new one that would serve the people rightfully and advance social and economic justice in the nation. Abuses of Batista’s regime began on the same day that he came into power, when he suspended the constitution, dissolved the congress and instituted a provisional government, promising elections the following year. After crushing an uprising by a young lawyer, Fidel Castro, on July 26, 1953, the regime seemed secure and when the political situation had been calmed, the Batista government announced that elections were to be held on the fall of 1954.* That year Grau San Martin, Batista’s opponent, withdrew from the campaign just before the election because he claimed that his supporters had been terrorized. Thus, Batista was reelected without any opposition since he brutally suppressed political opposition and let his people live in appalling poverty. He crushed worker, peasant, and student opposition. Between 1952 and 1959, 20,000 Cubans were assassinated by Batista’s henchmen. * The bodies of those assassinated were often dumped in public places with their eyes gouged out t…

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