The deer hunter

The Deer Hunter Have you ever watched a movie at 11:30 in the morning that you couldnt stop thinking about until 10:00 at night? This is true for me when I watched The Deer Hunter. This movie was very difficult for me to watch because I am very sensitive to real-life stories and hardships. There were many scenes where I had to turn my head to shield myself from the blood or murder. This movie brought to life the Vietnam War, which I had regarded as just another war to add to the long list of wars ever fought. It showed me the conditions American, South Vietnamese, and the Vietcong went through, along with the aftermath the war had on individual people and communities. Probably the most difficult scene to watch was towards the middle of the movie. The three of them were captured by Vietcong soldiers, and brought to a Vietcong station, where the prisoners were being made to play Russian Roulette. Just seeing the faces of the prisoners and hearing the laughing of the Vietcong made me realize how horrible it must have been for everyone involved in the war. It made me depressed to see how the American soldiers had so much ranking in another peoples country. Although there were South Vietnamese soldiers fighting alongside the Americans, I could tell that their status was lower because they had dark hair and a Vietnamese name. When Nicky went into the Vietnamese bar and nightclub, the women in there treated them royally (they wanted something in return, of course). The North Vietnamese seemed like they were not even people in the American soldiers eyes. When the soldiers were in North Vietnam, they would shoot any civilian, man, woman, child, baby, anybody. You can see how, in Vietnam, the three main characters, Mike, Nick and Steve, would shoot at anyone, just like the other soldiers. Earlier, there was a shoot of them Deer Hunting. Mike had taken his hunting very seriously; it almost was like …

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