The East Vs The West Racism

The East Vs. The West: Racism The Asia/Pacific War proved to be a war that went far beyond that of defending the ideals of humanity or even trying to suppress or augment ones power by means of territory. This definitive outbreak and ongoing military rampage dove to the most critical and hateful ideals of our time: racism. Beliefs discerning the fundamental differences between the East vs. the West fueled a time and place of misconceptions, blind followings and mass race hatred. The stereotypes developed from the study of the respective histories of the other were only augmented by the immense propaganda war that was waged. This mass serge of propaganda resulted in raising racial hatred among not only those fighting the war, but the civilian population as well. The eruption that would ensue, as well as the subsequent inflation of racial hate, produced one of the most brutal wars in history that would result in a political conclusion, but neglect the racial tones are still prevalent today. Ever since the early years of Japanese history, the Japanese always felt it necessary to distinguish themselves from other states in Asia- especially with China. Although Japan constantly borrowed many aspects of their culture and ideals from China, time and again the leaders would defend the belief that Japan was both independent and able, as well as ready for the subsequent responsibilities of holding that stance of individuality. During the years following the conquering of both China and Russia, Japans racial superiority over the other Asians became a fundamental base for the upcoming practices during the Asia/Pacific war. In the book entitled War Without Mercy, the Japanese invaded colonial outposts [whom] the Westerners had dominated for generations, taking absolutely for granted their racial and cultural superiority over their Asian subjects. (pg.5). Thus the Ja…

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