The effect of earthquake Essay Help

What is earthquake? Earthquake is just a sudden movement of the earth?s crust caused by the release stress accumulated along geologic faults by volcanic activity but just because of this sudden movement it can destroyed a city in a few minutes. As far as the environmental problems which are widely prevalent in the twenty-first century are concerned earthquakes definitely stand out as the most widespread one. Even though most of the government takes measures to rout out earthquakes they are disappointed. There are three main effect of earthquake is damaging to buildings loss of human life andThe effect of earthquake psychological effects to survivors. First the most remarkable effect of earthquakes is loss of life. There can be more than thousand people buried in the wreckage is just because of earthquake and most of them definitely is death. For an example there is an earthquake in Tohoku registered a moment magnitude of 9.0. The death toll from the earthquake is 13000 and there is still have more than 12000 people are missing. Second is the psychological effect to the survivors and this is also importance as an effect of earthquakes. That is because earthquake may enable people to display mental disorder such as depression and neurosis. According to scholars there have been above ninety percent of human probably has psychological problems in their future lives that who have been went through the earthquake. Apart from psychological disorders damaging to buildings can certainly result from the earthquakes. Non-durable buildings may be destroyed because of concussion of the earthquake. Thus most of the people can lose their own homeland when they are facing the earthquake. As a very clear seen damaging to buildings is directly proportional with earthquakes. At last it is an obvious fact that earthquake deaths psychological troubles and the destruction of buildings have their origin in earthquake from the above information. The point to be emphasized is people should know that unless they understand these effects they will inevitably be faced with a great deal of problems.”

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