The Elizabethan Period

King Henry VIII was born in Greenwich on the 28th of January 1491 ( The British Monarchy, pg.1 ). King Henry VIII became heir to the throne after the death of his elder brother, Prince Arthur in 1502 and succeeded in 1509 ( The British Monarchy, pg.1 ).King Henry VIII was very intelligent and often was described as a man of many words, and very religious. In King Henry VIIIs reign, he wrote a book that attacked Martin Luther and supported the Roman Catholic Church, which had become a best seller ( The British Monarchy, pg.1 ). In 1521, King Henry VIII was given the title of “Defender of the Faith”, by the Pope ( The British Monarchy, pg.1 ). In the year of 1509, King Henry VIII married his brothers widow, Catherine of Aragon ( The British Monarchy, pg.2 ). King Henry VIIIs wife, Catherine had only produced one living child, a girl who was named Princess Mary ( The British Monarchy, pg.2 ). Princess Mary was born in 1516 ( The British Monarchy, pg.2 ). King Henry VIIIs wife was in her forties in the 1520s and he was very desperate for a son ( The British Monarchy, pg.2 ). The Tudor dynasty had been established by conquest in 1485 while King Henry VIII was only its second monarch ( The British Monarchy, pg.2). At this time, England had not had a ruling Queen, and the dynasty was not secure enough to run the risk of handling the Crown on to a woman, which was risking disputed secession or domination of a foreign power through marriage ( The British Monarchy, pg.2 ). When King Henry VIII had fallen in love with Anne Boleyn, which was the sister of one of his many mistresses, he had tried to persuade the Pope to grant him an annulment of his marriage on the grounds that the marriage had never been legal ( The British Monarchy, pg.2 ). By pressuring the Pope, and getting someone he had known to become an Archbishop to help his situation and to hopefully persuade the church and pope, his marriage was declared…

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