The essential guide to workplace mediation & conflict resolution

Chaper 3 DiscussionFrom CHAPTER 3 (P. 27 ? 45) of the book The essential guide to workplace mediation & conflict resolution: Rebuilding Working Relationships, by NoraDoherty, Marcelas Guyler. Answer the following questions: 1. The six step model is key to a successful mediation process. What steps would you anticipate to be the most difficult to process through whendoing a mediation? 2. This chapter talks about the win-win shared gain strategy. What are the key elements to getting to a win-win during a mediation?The GoldenQuestion is another strategy to use in getting to win-win. Can you create your own version of the golden question, when thinking of a conflict thatyou have experienced? What golden question would have helped you to compromise? 3. I Statements article outlines the critical nature of listening skills. Use the practice sheet, under assignments, to test yourself, on doing Istatements. You can email them to me, or submit them to me via Blackboard. We will discuss next week online any questions about I statements. NOTE: please I would like you to answer the question, question by question, not like an essay format. Thank you, Saud:

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