the eve problem

Classics Of Western Lit 9/26/00 The Eve Problem The Eve problem is not hard to understand or see, nor is it complicated in determining why there became a problem. Eve was told specifically not to eat from one particular tree, which was in the midst of the garden. It was the tree of knowledge, which would allow her to know good from evil, and to open her eyes. No one was supposed to eat from it, for god had told them to stay clear of it. The problem came when the serpent convinced Eve into taking from the tree and eating. The serpent told her that the only reason god did not want them to eat from it, was because if they did, then their eyes would open and they would know good from evil, and would be gods themselves. Therefore, under the words of the serpent, Eve took a piece of fruit from the tree, one for Adam as well, and ate it. Then she gave it to Adam and he ate it. Once they ate the fruit, they realized that they were naked, and when god came to speak to them, Adam told him that he had hid from god, for he was afraid and naked. That is when good knew that they had eaten from the tree, for they would not have known that otherwise. God had to punish them for eating from this tree that he said not to. Both the Serpent and Adam were punished, but the Eve problem has to do with the punishment that was passed down to her, and all women for that matter. God told eve that she was going to have to bear children, which is a painful process. He also said that Eves desire, also pertaining to women as a whole, would be to there husbands and that he shall rule over thee. The issue of child bearing is not really the major issue; it is more so the idea that the women’s husband will rule over her. There are three types of believes when it comes to this piece of writing, and the meaning behind it. There are people who take a fundamental view, who believe that god wrote the Old Testament, and gave it to man as a g…

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