The Forgotten Chinese Holocaust

Can you imagine your body being an object for experimentation while youre still alive? Thats one of the things the Japanese did to the Chinese during the forgotten holocaust, the Chinese holocaust. Among the universal disputes between many countries, Japanese aggression on the Chinese was one of the worst events in history to ever take place. The Japanese also destroyed many cities of China. Specifically, they destroyed the city of NanJing by conducting mass bombings and remorseless killings. Other examples of Japanese horrific actions against the Chinese happened in a place called Unit 731. During the 1920s, NanJing only had a population of 250,000. However, during the 1930s, the city was highly populated with over one million residents. This increase was a result of the Japanese occupation and countless refugees fleeing to the city from Manchuria and other Chinese areas to the east of NanJing. The city of NanJing was a safe city for the Chinese until Japanese forces advanced towards it from Shanghai on November 11th, 1937. The Japanese planes bombed the wealthy and more populated areas of the city. The most devastating bombing occurred on September 25th, 1937. Its targets were focused upon hospitals with a red cross on the roof, refugee camps, power plants, water works, and radio stations. About 500 bombs were dropped from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and as a result, there were over 600 civilian casualties. On November 25th, Japanese forces attacked NanJing from three different directions. The Chinese city soon fell to the Japanese Imperial Army. As the Japanese entered the city, a massacre began which lasted six weeks. During that time, the Chinese were not simply murdered, but were humiliated, and tortured. The Japanese used unthinkable methods of murder. They chased the Chinese into the Yangtze River with machine guns, drowning them. They poured gasoline on people, shot them, and watched them fl…

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