The Four HOrns

Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a beautiful princess named Jade and an evil man by the name of Tyro. One island away there was also a young prince who was called Jerohn. He was to be wed to the princess in spring. Evil Tyro had a plan to keep them from being wed. Two months before they were to be wed tyro put an evil spell on the princess, she would be in eternal sleep forever. Unless the prince brought Tyro four dragon horns. The first would be the horn of the red dragon who lived on the island of fire. Then the horn of the blue dragon of the blue sea. then the horn of the gray dragon on the island of great winds. And the horn of the green dragon in the forest of darkness. When he came to the island of fire there were burnt bodies every where of the men before him, he bravely entered the cave. At the bottom of the cave the dragon was asleep, Jerohn snuck down and drew his sword as the dragon awoke he cut of his horn killing the dragon instantly. Soon he would arrive at the blue sea. He dove down in to an under water cave where the blue dragon was dinning on some fellow dragon slayers. The dragon was to full to fight. All he had to do was swing his sword and the dragons horn fell off. Soon he had slain the the gray dragon of wind and the green dragon of the dark forest. he began his journey back home, when he got there with the four horns Tyro became furious and left in a flash never to be herd of agin. Jerohn rushed to save his princess. He placed the horns in a row above her head and they began to glow. Jade awoke not knowing what had happened. They were finally wed a week later and lived happily ever after. THE END …

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