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1. What purposes did myths serve to ancient peoples? The purpose myths served to ancient people were to keep them entertained and keep them interested in the stories. 2. How do creation myths differ from nature myths? Creation myths differ from nature myths because creation myths seek to explain how the earth came to be and nature myths seek to explain natural phenomena that happened. 3. What types of works make up the literary genre of folklore? The types of works that make up the literary genre of folklore are legends folktales and fairytales. 4. What are the characteristics of fables? The characteristics ofThe Franco-Dahomean War fables are that the main character is a talking animal and the goal of the fable is illustrated in the moral and explained and expressed a lot in the end of the story. 5. How are folktales and fairy tales related? Folktales and fairytales are related because a fairytale is a type of folktales. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Early in this unit you read the story of Daedalus and Icarus. There are at least two lessons to be learned from this myth. What might those be? One is to not be resentful toward people who are better than you. The second is that you should always respect people. 2. Which do you believe is more meaningful reading mythology or folklore? Why do you think this is so? I believe mythology is a more meaningful reading because it has Greek ideas in it. 3. We look to the past for stories of legendary figures. Future readers will one day be looking to our time for legendary figures as well. Who are some current-day figures who might be considered legendary figures in the future? What characteristics make them befitting of a legend? I would say a legendary figure would be President Obama because not only he is the first African American president he also shows that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. 4. Suppose you were going to write a current-day morality tale. What are some of the dangerous situations or cultural taboos”

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