The fusion of movies and video games

The fusion of movies and video gamesAs well as audio and video as the main means of communication, the same to the audio-visual experience as the way to have fun and enjoy, withRoughly the same target market has a close relationship between movies and video games, and presents a kind of the whole partyA trend of convergence. Their fundamental difference is to experience a different way, give priority to with watching movie, video gameGive priority to interaction, the resulting operation means, creation mode, audio and visual expression, market segmentation is different.The game and the distance between the user infinite close, the result is: the player and the game together.The player is both a performer and the viewer, both consumers and producers, namely player playing the game processIs to encode the game process. Therefore, it can be said that video games have a kind of aesthetic ?fusion? (Aesthetics), the characteristics of both inherited the aesthetic characteristics of movie art, but also embodied by the interaction.Movies and video games also has great potential in the industrial cooperation, there are a lot of complementary one by one.Compared with movies, video games have a broader audience market, can provide new development space for the film; whileDevelopment has very mature film, can in such aspects as artistic expression gives nutrients to the video games. These similaritiesAnd complementary cooperation provide a solid foundation for their combination industry.As a potential consumer market, there is a huge commercial space. Films and video games in the industrialization progress. more and more extensive cooperation is inevitable.!

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