The Growth of a Nation Canada

Canada evolved into a nation during the 18th and 19th centuries. Many factors were accountable to this change which includes the Loyalists migration north and of course the Constitutional Acts of 1791and 1867. There were key people and sanctions during this evolution, the Crown, the American Revolution, the Loyalists of Upper Canada, the francophones of Lower Canada and the Radicals responsible for the 1837 rebellions were the most influential. The Crown made many territorial and political changes during the 18th and 19th centuries because of the ever changing and growing population in Canada, everyone from Loyalists to the First Nations were affected. Loyalists and the changes that were made because of their influx to British North America: Loyalists are defined as American colonists of varied ethnic backgrounds that supported the British cause during the American Revolution1. Because of the Revolution, many British Loyalists from the former 13 Colonies in the United States moved up to present day Canada to maintain their British way of life. The main waves of Loyalists moved north immediately following the American Revolution in 1783 and 1784. Over 30 000 of these people settled the Maritime Provinces. The Loyalists swamped the previous population of 20 000 Americans and French, and in 1784 New Brunswick and Cape Breton were created to deal with the influx. About 2000 moved into present day Quebec and 7500 settled Ontario. The flock of Loyalists gave the region its first substantial population and led to the creation of a separate province, Upper Canada, in 1791. Loyalists were instrumental in establishing educational, religious, social and governmental institutions. The impact made by the Loyalists has made a lasting impression on modern Canada. Inheriting certain conservatism, we Canadians seem to prefer “evolution” to “revolution” when it comes to government changes and in today’s society in general. The rebellions hel…

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