The Heroic Similaties if John F Kennedy and Beowulf

English 12 10/18/99 The Heroic Similarities of John F. Kennedy and Beowulf A Hero is defined as, A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities. (Marriam-Webster Dictionary, 1999) Its the best word to describe mythological character Beowulf, and 35th U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Beowulf was a honorable man, who reigned as kind and the strongest warrior throughout land. J.F.K. charmed the U.S. with wit, kindness, and bravery. John F. Kennedy and Beowulf had similar heroic qualities. Beowulf and Kennedy can both be noted for various brave act throughout their lives. Beowulf was looked upon as the greatest warrior of his people, the Storm-Geats. His gratitude led him to help the King of Storm-Danes and his people. Beowulf was asked to rid the Storm-Daness of Grendal, and evil monster. Grendel had been attacking the Mead Hall, which the king had built. However, his evil deeds were unstoppable. Beowulf was put in command of killing Grendel. Beowulfs extensive bravery lead him to kill Grendel single-handly. That was not the end of the Storm-Danes trouble. Grendels mom grew upset over her sons death. She acted upon it and killed the Kings best friend. Beowulf was called upon. Once again Beowulf, only you can help us. (pg. 277) Beowulf agreed to challenge Grendels mom. However, his life near ended during the battle. Fortunately fate was on Beowulfs side and he slaid the dreaded monster. Beowulf provided peace to the land of the Spear-Danes. As did Beowulf, John Kennedy displayed excessive bravery, although not in any sort of battle. Kennedy had been excepted to the Navy, after being rejected several times for health problems.(Conover Hunter, J.F.K. for a New Generation, pg. 25) Kennedy was assigned head of a torpedo boat, which was stationed near the Solomon Islands. On a cold March night in 1943, his boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer. John, who had been wounded, swam anothe…

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