The history of Eastern Europe

Course Background Dominant Civilizations 1. The dominant civilization at the time was the Roman Empire. 2. Western Europe was right behind the Roman Empire in civilization. 3. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Western civilization fell. The split of civilization 1. Western Europe began to slit in to seperate counries. 2. Less people used Latin as a form of communication. 3. This made international communication difficult. 4. Many different languages emerged. 5. Christianity split up with the rise of Protestantism. 6. Religeon began to decline. A. There were lees religeous wars. B. The last religeous war was in 1648 (The 30 yrs. war) 1) Millions of people died. 2) Approxmiatley 1/3 of the population perished. Science and TEchnology In the early 1830’s Faraday discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism This allowed for the abilit yot generate electrcity Samuel Morse developed the telegraph By the late 1800’s radios and x-rays were developed Chemistry took off in the 1860’s Scientists discovered that there were such things as elements The periodic table was invented Synthetic chemicals took off Biology took off in the 1850’s Pastuer discovered what bacteria were Charles Darwin worked out the relationship between the species He came up with the theory of evolution and Natural Selection The development of Nationalism France In France Napoleon III harnesses Nationalism as a motivator tio get thim elected as president. THis of course worksmand the people later grant him the status of Emperror. TO make the people happy he held frequent votes in the National Assembly but kept little power with them Italy People wanted to unite The government was run by Cavour Garribaldi holds a revolution and conqueres the southern parts of Itlay then just hands them over to Cavour order toi unite Itlay Germany THey also wanted to be united Prussia was th…

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