the Hunt

The Hunt This was it, this is the time my friends and I were waiting for all week. We were finally going to embark on our weekend of deer hunting. We left Kearney on a Friday afternoon in the late Fall. We were to drive to my hometown of Lawrence and stay with my parents who agreed to have my friends and I for a weakend hunt. We could feel the excitement and anticipation as I picked up Jesse, Scott, and Jason for the hunt. In the process of driving out of Kearney we werent even fretting about the two hour drive ahead of us. We just wanted to get to my parents house and prepare for the hunt. Good friends, good family, and good luck made the hunt something I will remember for the rest of my life. When we arrived at home out on the farm, we were barely even aware that the time had gone by so fast. We had spent the whole time talking about past hunts, planning this hunt, and bragging about who was going to get the biggest buck. As we pulled into my childhood home, I was pointing out the buildings on the farm and telling the guys what they were used for. After introductions were finished, we went inside. We were all awestruck by the sweet aroma of a fresh cooked meal. Mom had prepared us many different salads, bread, steaks, and potatoes. Supper was spent eating and talking about where we were all from and how we all met. When we finished supper I remember something Jesse told my mom, Mrs. Buescher, if I ever get rich, I am going to hire you to just cook meals for me. After this comment I remember everybody laughing at Jesse for kissing butt. Later that night before bed Jesse told us that he complimented my Mom on her cooking because he wanted to eat more good meals on his weekend trip. As I was about to fall asleep that night I remember thinking that we had better have a good hunt, because that is what I promised the guys The next morning seems as if it happened yesterday…

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