the industrial revolutions effects on europe

The Industrial Revolutions Effects on Europe A great historian, J.H. Clapham, wrote: Even if the history of the industrial revolution is a thrice-squeezing orange, there remains an astonishing amount of juice in it(Lane 5). The Industrial Revolution had an overall positive effect on Europe. The Industrial Revolution was a series of dramatic changes in the way work was done(World History 473). Before the Industrial Revolution, most of all the work was done by hand. People used to plant crops, weave cloth, and make shoes by hand. Beginning in the mid 1700s, people began to use machinery to do more of their jobs. Waterpower came into use for all kinds of machinery. By 1800, steam power took over for waterpower. The average British person born in 1760 saw more change than the ten generations before theirs. Although the Industrial Revolution began in Britain, its effects soon spread throughout the world. The Industrial Revolution began in the mid 1700s in the lower parts of Eastern England and Southern Scotland. The Industrial Revolution might not have taken place without the dramatic improvements in farming that began in the early 1700s(473). This agricultural revolution started before the Industrial Revolution. Once industrialization began, the two revolutions went hand in hand. By 1700, wealthy landowners were buying up much of the land that village farmers had once worked. The landowners rented fields to families of tenant farmers that worked the land. This was called enclosure, because the new owner usually put up a fence(473). In the 1700s, many of the wealthy landowners began to look for possibilities for changing the size of their harvests. Influenced by the Scientific Revolution, they applied a scientific approach to working their farms. They kept track of the methods used on their lands. They also exchanged ideas with one another about land use and c…

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