The Influence of Solitary Neglect on the Development

England established colonies in America to provide them with raw materials. England passed the Navigation Acts to enforce mercantilism. During the seventeen hundreds England was suffering from many hardships. England became preoccupied and could not enforce the Navigation Acts. This was known as a period of solitary neglect. Solitary neglect influenced the development of American society. Its influence can be seen in Americas legislative assemblies, commerce, and religion. By seventeen-fifty Colonial America was governed by the colonist. Although England still owned the colonies, the colonist reacted to the colonial government rather than England. Many colonies in the New World passed acts, which allowed them to be self-governed. The pilgrims in Plymouth signed the Mayflower Compact, which said they would rule themselves although they are a colony of England. Virginia established the House of Burgesses and a representative democracy. A representative democracy means citizens vote on the person they want to represent them. Connecticut wrote a document entitled The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. This reinforced self-government and the ideas of representative government. England had a mercantilist economy. Mercantilism means, governmental control is exercised over industry and trade in accordance with the theory that national strength is increased by a majority of exports over imports. They established colonies in America to provide England with raw materials. The mother country brought the raw materials from the colonies and manufactured them. They then sold the new manufactured goods back to the colonies at a high price in order to create revenue. England passed the Navigation Acts to enforce mercantilism. Navigation acts were legislation passed by the English Parliament in the 17th and 18th centuries to promote and protect English industry and commerce against foreign competition. The Navigation…

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