The Interview*These are the qu

The Interview*These are the questions that I asked a random girl from the Jewish synagogue and I rephrased them a little bit because I recorded the interview and could not get every word onto paper.1. What are the basic beliefs of Judaism?? Jews believe that there is only one God, it is a monotheistic faith. God to the Jewish community is present in our everyday lives and is perceived differently by every person. Everyone has their own manner of connecting with God that is unique and personal. Judaism teaches that each person is created in the image and likeness of God which means that?s we were all made uniquely. Jews believe that God gave us freewill so that we all have the right to make our own choices and be responsible for the outcome of these choices.2. Most religions have a general book that they use as a guide to follow their faith, what do you, as a Jew use?? The most important text that is used in the Jewish religion is the Torah which contains stories and commandments that teach and explain about life and death.3. What is the role of the main leader of your religion?? The name of the main leader of the synagogue is called a rabbi who is viewed as a teacher more than anything else. He is highly educated in the Jewish Law and is there to express what he knows to the community.4. What is the meaning of the use of a Yarmulke?? The Yarmulke is used to cover a Jewish man?s head and in Hebrew it is called Kippah. Jewish men use the Yarmulke as a symbol of respect towards God who is above you. Only those Jews that are very religious wear them all the time.5. How do Jews view Jesus?? In the Jewish religion people do not accept that Jesus was the messiah. Jews believe that one day there will be a messiah that will come and bring peace to the world but has not yet come to save them.6. Does the religion of Judaism believe in an afterlife?? There is no specific answer in believing if there is or is not an afterlife because the Torah has no clear reference of the afterlife.7. What are some common stereotypes of Judaism that are incorrect?? People believe that Jewish people are good with their money and are very cheap but that is not completely correct. Although many people like to save their money and only use their expenses on things that they need not all Jews have the same state of mind with their money.8. Aside from Hanukkah and Passover what are some holidays and traditions of the Jewish Faith?? There are many holidays and traditions that are concerned with Judaism. Bar Mitzvahs are one of the most known traditions which is when someone celebrates a person?s entry into adulthood in the Jewish community. Another tradition in the Jewish religion is Brit Milah which is when a Jewish baby boy on his eighth day of life gets circumcised. Rosh Hashanah is a holiday that celebrates the Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur takes place after Rosh Hashanah and it is a day where Jews fast, do not work, and repent for their sins from sunrise to sundown. There are plenty more traditions and holidays but these are the most known.9. What does being Jewish mean to you?? Just like every other religion you need to believe and follow your faith. You need to fully understand and learn everything about your beliefs to gain all that you wish from your religion. To me being Jewish helps me to be closer to God and my community of friends and family.Field Notes:? We have a Jewish friend that took us to go visit the synagogue that she goes to so it was not a difficult task to find a place where we could do our field work.? We were told that non-Jews are always welcomed to attend Jewish services as long as they behave in a proper manner.? Our friend told us that when going to a synagogue we must wear proper and appropriate clothing. Men should wear a yarmulke and if you do not have one they are provided at the entrance of the synagogue. We were also told that depending on what synagogue you go to some make married women also wear a head covering, usually a piece of lace.? During the service we were able to follow what was happening because in their prayer book they have everything translated into English for those non-Jews that attend their service.? We were told that we should stand whenever the Ark is open and when the Torah is carried to or from the Ark. This is done as a sign of respect.? There we various different kinds of rituals objects, ceremonial garbs, and utensils used throughout the service.? Some things that are worn during the service that our friend told us are:o Kittel ? which is the white robe used thoughout the service.o Tallit and Tzitzit ? which is the shawl that is used for prayer that has fringes on it.o Tichl ? is was the women covers her head witho Yarmulke ? is the cap that is worn by the men.?.

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