The Journey

The Journey On a frozen day in December, Eudora Welty, in her story A Worn Path, introduces us to an old black woman named Phoenix Jackson. She begins a long and arduous journey through the woods and over the hills on her way into town. She talks to herself and the animals along the way. She pauses to rest on a log and imagines a little boy handing her a slice of marble cake. She encounters other obstacles along the way before reaching the clinic where the attendant thinks, A charity case, I suppose. The journey is toilsome for Phoenix but she has come for some soothing medicine for her grandsons throat. As we follow along, we witness her tremendous endurance, her persistence and belief that the human spirit will triumph against all odds and the true meaning of a grandmothers unconditional love. We often take familiar journeys that cast us numerous distractions. Just when we think we are headed in the right direction, another obstacle slithers out from under the shrubbery. Old Phoenix said, Out of my way, all of you foxes, owls, beetles and coonsIve got a long way to go. She could not change the past and the unfortunate incident that happened to her grandson but she believed that she could change her response to the past, by her endurance. She daydreamed, wished on, and pursued her goal with wonder and good humor. As adults, we somehow lose the persistence, and dogged determination to accomplish our goals. We tend to give up so easily when we have difficulty, or when we encounter the stumbling blocks that pave the road to success. It is because we fail to recognize that persistence is the result of a continuous dedication to persevering until we succeed. As the man in the field points his gun directly at Phoenix and asks, Doesnt the gun scare you, she simply answers No sir, I seen plenty go off closer by She knows her perseverance must be greater than or equal to the dema…

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