The Las Vegas Convention and V

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) of Las Vegas. The Internet marketing and website design are critical for DMOs. Go and visit ( Discuss (check for the help you need) possible market segments targeted by the site and 2) evaluate/critique the website effectiveness according to guidelines provided here, in Chapter 16: Direct and Online Marketing and my article attached.Your write-up should be 500-750 words.Points: 5% toward final grade.7 Cs of Effective Website Design:Context:The site?s layout and design. A website?s layout and overall visual design needs to be uncluttered, easy to read and navigate, the color scheme needs to be appropriate for the marketing design. Having some white space will also aid in the overall design and readability.Commerce: The site?s capabilities to enable commercial transactions. If the website is intended for commercial transactions, then it has to be safe and the fact that is has been made safe must be communicated to the customer, most websites use a ?lock? symbol in the corner to indicate that it has been encrypted.Connection: The degree that the site is linked to other sites. Any links that lead the customer away from the website.Communication: The ways the site enables site-to-user, user-to-site, or two-way communication. How the company talks to its customers ; this can be done through signing up for special offers, email newsletters, contests, surveys, live chat with company representatives, and company contact information.Content: The text, graphics, animation, sound, music, and/or videos that are presented.Community: The way the site enables user-to-user communication. The website may allow interaction between customers through message boards and live chat.Customization: The site?s ability to tailor itself to different users or to allow users to personalize the site. Companies can allow customers to personalize aspects of the website or it may tailor itself to different users, for example having different colors and graphics for people who speak different languages.

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