The Life of Harry Houdini

There have been many great magicians over the years, but the only one that has gotten the attention and popularity was Harry Houdini. Houdini was a great performer and a very phenomenal man. Houdini was born in Appleton, Wisconsin on April 6, 1876. Houdini then later moved to Hungary where his family got kicked out because Houdini’s father was accused of murder. Houdini’s father’s name was Mayer Samuel Weisz. He was a lawyer as well as a reporter. Mayer Samuel Weisz’s first wife died at the age of thirt-four while giving birth. Houdini’s mother and brother’s name was unknown. Houdini’s family was of a Jewish religion. Harry houdini’s real name was enrich and his real last name was unknown. When Harry Houdini was twelve he ran away from home because he wanted to see the world and he wanted more to his life. He had always wanted to be in a circuis or carnival. Houdini came home about a year later and got a job as a cutter in a factory because his father thought that he was to young to be out on his own. He then changed his name from enrich to Harry Houdini. He then quit his job at the cutting factory so that he could become a magician. Houdini then bagan performing at little amateur shows at carnivals and circuises. At the age of fifteen, Houdini started attracting small crowdes of people. Houdini learned most of his magic from watching other amatuer shows. Bibliography Read 10 …

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