The Lost of Physical Places

The Lost of Physical Places In William Mitchells essay, he makes the distinction between virtual communities and site-specific communities. He describes what these cities are about and how they will benefit people. To me what makes these communities different is, virtual communities are communities in the web in which people that dont share the same interests can come together and talk. As of Site-specific communities, these are also communities in which people that share the same interests but more towards a members only type of environment. Along with these new innovations there will be tradeoffs to people who take advantage of these cities. To me virtual communities are like townhouse type of meeting, but its over the computer with scrolling letters on the screen with a bunch of people with using wield names. These people might share different ideals and values. People might use a computer from other parts of the world. The sole purpose of the virtual communities is basically for social purposes. In other words, people can come together just to talk. A good example would be basic chat room that can be found on an on a web page or on a server like American On Line, Yahoo, Geocities etc. People can engage in all types of conversations about everything. Unlike virtual communities, site-specific communities are communities in which people that share the same interests. They come together for information, to share ideals. A good example would be servers that use a password to access information from a site from a museum or a hospital. Here, not everybody can understand the exchange of ideals and of information that is being shared. They mostly use the area of the Internet called the FreeNet. They are sites that are in or about a place. Like for example, a business network. In these areas they post messages and ideals to one other but it is…

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