The Many Faces of Death

The Many Faces of Death Death is seemingly a defined term, but its not. Through usage of language can be made to represent physical, spiritual or emotional death. Only by closely examining the exact language used can one understand the death taking place, and the effects that stream into everyones life. Willy Loman dies, this is known to be true. He crashes his car in order to show Biff how important he was and to provide money for his wife. We see the funeral, we know he has died, but could he have died before he hit the tree? If he did die before the crash when? Where? And how often did it happen? Could he resurrect himself? The answers lie hidden in the words of Arthur Miller, author of Death of a Salesman. Willy suffers the death of his spirit. It seems to fluctuate in himself, he will be down on life then suddenly perk up, but he always returns to having no hope. Im tired to death. I couldnt make it. I just couldnt make it Linda.(13) is what Willy says to Linda after coming home from his failed attempt to get to New England. Hes dejected, feeling worthless, and though he casually mentions it, death is on his mind. While explaining the problems on his trip Willy says …So I went on again- and five minutes later Im dreamin again, and I nearly- I have such thoughts, I have such strange thoughts.(14) This quote shows his desperation, his thoughts of crossing the line and ending it all. It all seems like too much for him to handle, until he has something he can look forward too, whether it be fantasy or reality. When Willy thinks Biff might have a chance to make it big, his whole demeanor changes. Ill see him in the morning; Ill have a nice talk with him. Ill get him a job selling. He could be big in no time(16) This new life felt by Willy, though it may make him happy, only adds to the death of his dreams when real…

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