The Matrix (Thomas Anderson AKA ?Neo?) and They Live (John Nada)

Compare the hero?s in Avatar (Jake Sully), The Matrix (Thomas Anderson AKA ?Neo?) and They Live (John Nada). Where is the hero before he / she is a hero? What is his / her attitude at that point? What starts him / her on a journey? Is it accidental or purposeful? What does he / she learn in the process of his journey to pass on to others? What does he she learn about him/herself as a person? How does his journey end? How is that heroic? NOTE: THESE ARE JUST BRAINSTROMING QUESTIONS, YOU SHOULD NOT USE THESE QUESTIONS AS A GUIDLEINE FOR THE ESSAY.Sources: I want you to use quotes from these sources only. As I said above you should have a quote per paragraph and introduce each the scene and speaker. Use an in-text at end of each quote. See below; it is very simple. The same applies to WorkAvatar Quotes: Epic and Ambitious Matrix Quotes: Live Quotes: in-text citations Citing non-print or sources from the InternetAvatar Quotes: Epic and AmbitiousFor Work Cited A Page on a Web SiteAvatar Quotes: Epic and Ambitious Avatar Quotes: Epic and Ambitious

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