The paper needs to be 2-3 page

The paper needs to be 2-3 pages double spaced analyzing each of the worksheets, including the tracking. State what you learned about your own financial situation from each worksheet. You only need to include one paragraph for each worksheet. Include one final paragraph stating what you learned about your overall financial situation. Put a heading before each paragraph the says which worksheet the paragraph is about. Also, write ?Summary? as a heading for the last paragraph. You should have 10 paragraphs in all.When you are working on the retirement worksheet, you can go to the Social Security website and find an estimate of your retirement income. The link is . Make sure you see that it is secure before you enter your information. Many of you won?t have enough credits with SSA yet. You can either estimate or use the example amount if you want. However, using the estimator will give you a more accurate picture.Extra InformationPreview the documentView in a new windowOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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