The paper will be about virtual Public Relations. 1- Select two countries that have famous tourist destinations. They should be comparable (or competitors e.g. United Kingdom/France; Thailand/Malaysia). 2- Examine each countries? website and content analyze them; highlight their strength and weakness, 3- Focus on: A- Media relations, particularly their presence and some of their activities on social media; B- Consumer relations, namely logical (safety; indulgence; and cost-effectiveness) as well as emotional appeals (enlightenment; allurement; sensuality) . 4- Compare and contrast the two companies? online PR presence and activities. 5- Do a critical appraisal of the two companies? online activities. Which one in your opinion is more effective? And why? 6- Your paper should not be less than 8 pages long (including a printout of the homepages of the two companies); and should be well-thought and well-written.

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