The Principles of Sustainability

The Principles of SustainabilityObjective: Many ideas and concepts regarding sustainability have been presented and Discuss (check for the help you need)ed in this class. All of our information so far has come fromreadings from the class texts, portions of texts from other authors and other documents provided for you. The objective of this assignment is for you to narrow the scope of your inquiry to one particular question presented below, to conduct basic independent inquiry and research on the question, and to present your own written analysis and conclusions.1. Why is life cycle analysis such an important component of sustainable design? What is life cycle analysis? How should it be appropriately applied in sound ecological design?Writing: The emphasis of this assignment is on analysis and not description. To properly inform your readers, you should plan to write appropriate amounts of pertinent background to identify the problem(s) or topics being examined; however, the majority of your paper should analyze the information and synthesize or conceptualize reasoned solutions and/or findings.This paper should not consist of unsupported opinions; it is necessary to cite scholarly evidence to support your ideas and your writing. Please take care not to use lengthy quotations; paraphrasing or summarizing another author?s ideas is more often acceptable but in-text citations should be used whenever this is done. Unsubstantiated claims and lack of evidence will adversely affect the quality of your writing and your score for the paper.Information Literacy: You may use our class text and other assigned readings provided in class as beginning points for your research, however, in addition to these, you should utilize and cite a minimum of at least 4 additional referencesfor your paper. These references will be independently located by the student. The Consortium Library has very good online academic research resource databases and excellent search capability for books, journal articles and other publications.

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