The Progression of Female Athletes

The Progression of Female Athletes Women throughout history have made extreme progress in expanding their rights and freedoms. They have also made it a point to prove that they are as equal as men through their careers, lives, and their athletic abilities. Women have come a long way in becoming well- rounded athletes, but the discrimination is still present. Although they have substantiated themselves in many ways, women are still viewed as inferior to men, especially as athletes. Women have always participated in extracurricular activities, and some even in sports. However, because women were the members in the households who cooked, cleaned, and took care of the family, they were limited to their activities. Women were to be seen and not heard, or so men thought. Women were present in sports, as far back as 1500 b.c. Here they did such things as fight bulls and wrestle other women. But it was not until the 1930s that women really began to present their athletic abilities to society. From that decade on, women have been slowly increasing their interest and participation in sports. Amelia Earhart, in 1932, flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean. This helped dispel the myths of the lack of bravery, confidence, skill, and competitiveness that society believed women lacked. Earhart paved a path for women who wanted to prove they possessed the abilities to become athletes. Although Amelia Earhart helped in the progression of female athletics, there was no better female athlete than Mildred Babe Didrikson (Rader 207). She was the first superstar in womens sports, and the greatest multiple sport athlete. Didrikson excelled not only in one of the sports she participated in, but in all of them. She held records in every sport she played, and even the sports she did not participate in professionally, she overshadowed most athletes. For example, she was known to be able to punt a football 75 yards, bowl…

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