The reign of tsar Nicholas II

Discuss the reign of Nicholas II and analyze the reasons for his failures. The idea that anything Nicholas II could have done to change the course of history would be wishful thinking. Russia before 1917 was the largest country in the world. In economic terms it was backward as it was late industrializing and late to emerge from feudalism. In political terms it was also backward, with no legal political parties or any centrally elected government. Nicholas was brought up by his father Alexander III who didnt believe his son had the intelligence and therefore neglected to educate him in the business of running the country. The fact that his father died at the age of 49 and thought he had many more years to rule also contributed to Alexanders poor preparation to rule. At 29 Nicholas assumed the throne, marrying the granddaughter of Queen Victoria the German Princess Alix of Hess. She took the name Alexandra and proceeded to dominate Nicholas in his decisions on state matters. Their relationship though not the sole reason for the downfall of the Romanov dynasty could be considered one of the causes. Both lacked any ability for their positions in leading a country. In the early years of the twentieth century the Russian economy fell into a depression, this aroused extensive urban and rural unrest, partly due to the unrest the government and Czar led Russia into a war with Japan. The defeat of the Russian forces led to the onset of revolutionary events led up to the events of January 9, 1905 which became known as Bloody Sunday. The large crowds bearing icons and pictures of the tsar marched to the winter palace in St. Petersburg. They went with the hopes of presenting the tsar with a petition demanding a series of measures to improve the lot of workers. The protesters believed that the tsar would hear their petition and correct the wrongs. Instead on orders from Nicholas the tr…

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