The Right Way To Write

“The Right Way To Write” Two essays have chosen different paths to show how to correctly write. Peter Elbow’s essay “Freewriting” is almost the exact opposite of Donald Murray’s essay ‘The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscript”, yet how can they both claim that their way is the best way to use when writing. In today’s world neither one seems to be very practical unless you are an author or someone with a lot of time on their hands. For the purpose of this essay editing will be the key to a well written paper, and this approach seems to favor Murray. Editing your paper is the most important, because nobody appreciates a writers capabilities if their papers are filled with numerous mistakes and unfinished ideas. Freewriting is neither useful or fulfilling in any way unless it is edited. Peter Elbow says in his essay, “That the most effective way to improve your writing is to do freewriting” (Goshgarian 62). Really freewriting is not improving your writing, but only a way to clear your thinking. This is a good way to start thinking about what you want to write, but not to improve the caliber of your writing. Clearly Mr. Elbow’s essay about freewriting was unable to be published if it was not edited. Was Elbow’s essay even freewriting to begin with, it’s very doubtful. To be in a language book used in universities an essay has to be very in-depth and well research, it’s not just some thoughts put together and thrown to the publisher. Like Murray said about editing, “The difference in attitude is the difference between amateur and professional, inexperience and experience, journeyman and craftsman” (86). Murray is saying that to be professional the main and most important thing to do during the writing process is editing. Elbow talks about numerous things that editing takes out of papers examples of these would be, unacceptable thoughts and feelings, your own voice, and “bad writing” (63). These things might be use…

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