The Roman Army

The Roman Army By Chris Young For Mrs. Harris April 23, 1999 The Roman Empire is considered by many as the basis of modern civilization. Today we use a form of government that was started by them long before people even knew that the Earth was round. Their reign of power began around 509 BC with the overthrow of the Etruscan dynasty till 1453 with the fall of Constantinople to the Turks. Their land, at its peak, contained such areas as Britain, Spain, Gaul, Mauretania, Egypt, Judea, Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Dacia, Illyria, Macedonia, Greece, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete, Cyprus and of course Italy. The government of Rome had to first conquer these lands then later they would have to protect them. So they formed what is considered the greatest army of ancient times, the Roman Army. This army was a highly organized and efficient fighting force that would strike fear to almost all who opposed them. The size of their army would reach sizes that would rival even those of today. The Roman army brought about more effective tactics and weapons that would forever change warfare. The Roman Army used a system like todays military to divide their troops. The largest section was called a Legion which consisted from anywhere from 4,000 to about 5,500 combat ready troops. Each Legion was then divided into cohorts which contained about 600 men. The first cohort consisted of men in charge of administrative and supply duty. The cohort was then broken up into a century, this means unit in Latin, which consisted of about 80 to 100. A century was usually lead by a non-commissioned officer called a Centurion. Another unit that was sometimes used was a maniple which consisted of two centuries. Another division that was used divided the army into two parts which were called Comitatensis, Limtanei and Praetorian guard. The first part, which is a mobile fighting force, had to…

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