The Sentry1 / The Sentry Of al

The Sentry1 / The Sentry Of all the characters in this play, the Sentry is oftern considered to be a comic one. Did you see him that why? Why or why not?2/ Antigone and IsmeneThis play opens with a scene between the two sisters,Antigone and Ismene.Describe how you ?see and ?hear? the charactersin your mind as you read this scene.3/ TiresiusDescribe how you ?see? and ?hear? the character of Tiresius.Why do you feel Creon is so resistant to him?3 The Chorus?Discuss the role that you feel the Chorus takes in this play.Are they onlookers, advice givers,or do you feel they are there to primarily inform the audience?Please give reasons and examples.!

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