The Souls of Black Folk

The Souls of Black FolkProject description As you work on this assignment, your discussion should be informed and framed by the focus of this class.Just as Achebe?s Things Fall Apart focussed on the experience and civilization of an African civilization and culture group, Du Bois? The Souls ofBlack Folk selection is aimed at helping us understand the African American experience (descendants of Africans in the United States) .To this end, you may want to focus on the experience (read: problems) of Black America after the emancipation in 1865 up till 1903 when Du Bois bookwas published (which was his objective in publishing the book).You also need to identify and discuss Du Bois blueprint for full emancipation.A good way of evaluating the book is to access the efficacy of Du Bois recipe for full emancipation.To conclude your review, you can compare race relations today to what it was in 1903.Avoid the temptation of plagiarizing the myriad of sources that are online (e.g., Wikipedia, Sparknotes, etc.). Be warned also that I have an archiveof past essays on this assignment for the past 10 years. Any plagiarized work will score a zero. In addition, the student will be referred to theOffice of the Dean of Students for additional sanctions.Formatting requirement: 1 margins, Times New Roman 12 point font-type and size, and double-spaced. The length requirement for this assignment is TWO(2) pages. You will be penalized for exceeding or having less than two pages.:

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