The Storm1

Kate Chopin writings are known for its realism and for its focus on the controversial issues of women. The Storm focuses on the issue of infidelity. I thought it interesting to break down the two male characters of The Storm, Bobinot and Alcee and the controversy that surrounds them. The story takes place during a tremendous storm, where when father (Bobinot) and child are away, the mother (Calixta) is left at home. An old lover of Calixta, Alcee, appears and in the heat of a passionate storm makes love to Calixta. The description of the two men in this story, one boring one exciting, gives some insight on why the cheating occurred. They are two completely different men that share one common thread, their love for Calixta. The story begins with Bobinot and Bibi away from home with the storm approaching. Bobinot is very simple and doesnt seem to be worried about the storm. He shows lack of emotion when his son shows worry about his mother being alone in a dangerous storm: Mamall be fraid, yes, he suggested with blinking eyes.Shell shut the house. Maybe she got Sylvie helpn her this evenin,Bobinot responding reassuringly.No; she ent got Sylvie. Sylvie was helpin her yistiday, piped Bibi. (Chopin 769 ) Bobinot seems to have no sense of urgency where his wifes safety is involved, and the elusion becomes evident that their relationship falls considerably short of perfect.(Wooton) After the storm passes and the act of infidelity occurs, Bobinot returns home. He spends a great deal of time cleaning mud from the storm off him and Bibi, as if he would be scared if Calixta saw them dirty: He scraped the mud off Bibis bare legs and feet with a stick and carefully removed all traces from his heavy brogans. Then, prepared for the worst the meeting with an over scrupulous housewife; they entered cautiously at the back door. (Chopin 772) Bobinot is very weak here. He shows worry and f…

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