The Stranger

How can the justice system be unjust? Does it treat people unfairly because of their strange acts? Acting strange can be used against a person even though it is unfair to dot hat. In Albert Camus The Stranger, the character Mersault acts in a strange manor throughout the book. This causes his death. Mersault acts strange throughout the book, which makes people judge him. At his mothers funeral, his behavior was so strange that the people started to talk about him. How he didnt want the coffin open, and was drinking and smoking in front of it was strange. Mersault also notices everything around him, like when the hornets were flying around and how hot it was at the home. He notices everything and watches everything except his mothers coffin. Mersault is also acted strange the day after his mothers funeral. The next day he sat in his bed and then wanted to take a swim. He ran into a friend Marie on his way. They swam together and talked during the day, and at night they went back to Mersaults house and had a one night stand. Usually he would got to the Celestes but to avoid the questioning about his mothers funeral he didnt go. Mersault was also known for being strange because of the people he was friends with. He was friends with the neighborhood pimp Raymond. Mersault went along with everything Raymond said, like the time Raymond wanted to get back at his girlfriend for playing dirty. He told Mersault that he wanted him to write a letter, a real stinker (page 40). So Mersault did it, like he did everything else. Mersault has no sense of commitment to anyone or anything. He only is interested in things that happen at the moment. He does things without thinking first, like his affair with Marie, friendship with Raymond and comforting Salamano. He thinks it is easier to say yes than no, but never l…

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