The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges developed their own brand of comedy. They specialized in slapstick, and produced a number of comedies, which are now becoming recognized as classics. During their prime moviemaking years, the 1930s and ’40s, the Three Stooges made great comedy movies. The Stooges currently hold the record for appearing in more movies than any other comedy team in history. The Three Stooges started their career as a trio in 1925 in a studio in California. They were all actors that wanted to make people laugh. They thought it would be fun to decivilize society. The more rude and violent they acted, the more popular they became. The boss of the Three Stooges throughout its entirety was Moe Howard. He was born Harry Horwitz in 1897. Moe grew up in Brooklyn and found playing child parts in silent films. Moe eventually graduated to traveling theatrical troupes. Moe married Helen Schonberger in 1925, shortly before becoming a permanent member of the Stooges. The “middleman” of the team was Larry Fine. He was born Louis Feinberg in 1902. Larry grew up in Philadelphia, and, like Moe, went into show business at an early age. He played child parts in vaudeville comedy plays and eventually formed his own musical act. He married a woman named Mabel Haney and became one of the stooges in 1925. The most popular member of the team was Curly Howard who was Moe’s younger brother. He played the patsy of the trio. He was born Jerry Horwitz in 1903. He also performed on in vaudeville plays. Curly was married and divorced several times as a stooge. Curly was eventually replaced in the act by another brother, Shemp Howard, then Joe Besser and finally Joe DeRita. All three actors were vaudeville actors before become a stooge. Shemp died in 1955, and was replaced by Joe Besser, a chubby character comic. Besser was bald except for a little of ring of hair on his head, he was fat and cherubic like Curly. Besser left the act in the…

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