The use of imagenation in Jabberwocky

English 102 Brandon Gramer February 2, 2000 The Use of Imagination in Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky In Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky the use of imagination is a must. Carroll makes up words with rhyming sounds. This confuses the reader a little, but strangely enough you get some kind of an idea of what he is writing about. This is where the imagination comes in. When I heard these bizarre rhyming words for the first time my initial thought was that this poem doesn’t make any sense. As I read on and certain words would go through my head, bells started going off, filling my head with ideas about the many ways this poem could be taken or interpreted. Imagination takes a vital role in Jabberwocky, especially when reading the first stanza, and tying to find the meaning of the poem. The first stanza, which is the most confusing to me and probably any one else who has read the poem, is filled with rhyming, made up words that will send you imagination into chaos. So much in fact that I wouldn’t even try and put a literal meaning on it. But I think that is what Carroll had in mind when he wrote this stanza. It overwhelmed me at first filling my head with extremely confusing thoughts. As I read the other stanza’s I got a pretty good idea of what Carroll was thinking; then oddly he repeats the first stanza again. Strangely enough I got a less confusing idea of what Carroll is trying to get through to the reader. I think he just wanted to set a happy, flowing mood for the poem, which he successfully does. For example, one thing that I have noticed about the poem is that if you read it and leave out the first stanza, the first line would be “Beware of the Jabberwock my son!” automatically this poem gets kind of a scary and almost haunting mood. Through out the rest of the poem Carroll uses really intense words to describe the monster and other things in the poem, like “Claws that catch!, Jaws that bite!, Eyes of flame!, and th…

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