The Whitmans

The Whitmans The Whitmans played an integral role in the settling of the West and made a lasting impression in history. The story surrounding the Whitman couple is of tragedy. They set out to do good but because of cultural differences, they did not fulfill their mission. In the course of the Whitmans lives in the Oregon Country, they encouraged and helped the westward expansion of America. They are one of the major factors of the settlement of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Today, there are images across the country that remind us of what the Whitmans did out in the Oregon Country. Marcus Whitman was born in 1802 in Rushville, a small town located in upstate New York. He studied under a local doctor and became interested in the medical practice. Later on, Marcus left home and went to Fairfield, New York to attend a medical school there during the early 1830s. He received his degree and practiced medicine up north in Canada (Burns and Ives). Marcus came back to New York after four years of practice in Canada and settled in the town of Wheeler. He also practiced medicine there (Morris) and became an elder of a Presbyterian church (Burns and Ives). As an elder, Marcus organized temperance, or non-drinking meetings (Morris). In the year of 1835, Marcus made a journey to the Oregon Country to look for possible mission sites (Burns and Ives). Narcissa Prentiss was also born in upstate New York in a town called Prattsburg. She was born into a devout Presbyterian family and was very committed to her religion. At the age of sixteen, Narcissa pledged her life to missionary work (Burns and Ives). She was very interested in saving the sinful and heathen souls, namely the Native Americans (Morris). After finishing her education, Narcissa taught at a primary school in Prattsburgh. She moved to Belmont, New York along with her family in 1834. At that time, Narcissa was still awaiting the opportunity to receive…

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