the winner by barbara kimenye

The Winner essey The Winner by Barbara Kimenye fails to attract and hold the interest of the reader and should not be used in the English 11 curriculum. Through its use of foreign terms, the story puts a barrier in front of the reader and closes the door to our understanding. Plus the plot jumps from one emotion to another, making it difficult for the reader to identify with and feel any sympathy for the characters. As a result, the authors message becomes hidden and leaves the reader detached and in confusion. The reader finds this story hard to follow due to the different type of English that the author uses. Vocabularies like the foreign terms do not make vary much sense and ads for more reading. The plot jumps from one emotion to another far to often due to this the message to this story is unclear and leaves the reader in the dark. This story should not be used in the English 11 curriculum. Because it is a short story that the reader finds to be uneventful and cant get to know the characters Pius or Sarah. They both seem to be flat characters, where you dont get to know ether of them very well. If you cant get to know the characters the story becomes boring. The way this story goes is Pius wins a lot of money and people start to be very nice to him, like eating his food, and drinking his drinks, as well as trampling his garden. While one woman Sarah is acting as the lady of the house and not letting Pius even talk for himself. She, thought the reader, was the greediest of all, but later we find out Pius won a lot less money than originally thought, Sarah stays with him and shows love not greed. And in the end they get married. I dont believe that any person, due to its boring content and slow pace, should ever be forced to read this story. Bibliography my mind …

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