The Writer in the Family

This story is about a young boy whose father dies, and the experiences there after. THe story is told through John, the young boy. His fatehr has died, and his Aunts decided not to tell the grandma. Instead they tell her that Jack has moved to Arizona. She interprets this as a move due to success. The grandma believe he has finally fouond success and partipating in a health program. SHE is very proud of her son. Unfortunately, this affects the family greatly. John is pressured into writing the granma letters from his father in Arizona . THis recreates memories in John mind. Some of these memories are negative, which forces JOhn to feel guilty. THe family is struggling emotionally and financially. Harold the brother brings home a girlfriend, whcih adds a new atmosphere to their home. Everyone is excited and upbeat. THEy receive a phone call from Aunt Francis during dinner. SHe asks John for another letter. John is uncomfortable and does not want to write anymore letters. His final letter to his grandma explains that he is deathly ill and has placed 5,oo dollars in her bank account. AUnt Grancis does not read this to the grandma She is extremely bitter. Aunt Francis finds John to talk to him about the letter. She acts in a very unhealthy way towards John, not thinking of his feelings. Througout this story, JOhn finds out many new facts about his father. This helps John see his fatehr in a new light. I find this to be an unfortunate experience John has gone thourgh. …

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