Theater and Govt

Government is an interesting concept developed by humans in order to come together and form a better way of life. Government often times has stepped in to judge what this better way of life should be. In current times, there has been the near censorship of art and in the past theatrical world, the morals of a community are mandated by government. Ever since people came out of the state of nature and started forming governments, the role of that government has been always been debated. Early philosophers like John Locke and Jean-Jacque Rousseau have similar beliefs as to the role of government, the individual’s role in government and how the individual concedes to government. Locke maintained that permission to start a governing body was generally tacit, implied solely by remaining a member of the civil society, or living under a government’s rules. Ultimately, the first formation of government is by the consent of all. Rousseau states that consent must be explicit to form a community at first, also presuming that since the lives of people are unable to live their lives to the fullest potential in nature, that forming a community and government is the only logical means by which to form a fulfilling and meaningful life for all. Perhaps the issue over which Rousseau and Locke most fervently disagree is the role of government. Both philosophers establish that government is the ultimate way to ensure justice, morality, liberty, and protect the rights of the citizens, but that is where the similarities in the men’s tenets end. Locke believed the role of government is to create a perfect equilibrium between protecting the individual’s natural rights and as well as maintaining security and protecting the individual’s property. Rousseau, on the other hand, adhered to a greater reverence for the establishment of society, and felt that individual rights are subservient to the rights of society as a whole. In a state of nature, he claimed, cit…

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